Our Values

Gospel - The gospel is the good news of how Jesus has connected us with God. While our sin has disconnected us from God, God's son Jesus lived a perfect life, died a sacrificial death, and was gloriously resurrected to rescue us from our sin and connects us to new life with God. This good news of Jesus compels our worship, commands our repentance, and calls us to move out into the world with this good news. 
Bible - The Bible is God's good, loving, and true word to us about Jesus. It tells the story of who God is and what he is doing to reconcile all that is broken and disconnected because of sin. The Bible is to be humbly believed in all that it teaches, gladly obeyed in all that it commands, and wholeheartedly trusted in all that it promises.
Holy Spirit - We are unable to accomplish what God is calling us to do without the help of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who gives new life in Jesus. This means that dependence on the Holy Spirit through prayer is absolutely essential for us as a community. 
Relational Ministry - The new life Jesus offers not only restores us to right relationship with God but also allows us to connect to one another according to God's good design. His forgiveness compels our forgiveness of others, his love shapes our love for others, his reconciliation through Jesus empowers our reconciliation with others. Our growth in Jesus happens best in authentic community where we together learn to love what Jesus loves.
Church -  Connecting to a local church as a college student is essential because we cannot experience the fullness of God's glory on our own. Joining a diverse family of Jesus-followers in the local church challenges us in ways that are unnatural to us as it holds us accountable and encourages us to love Jesus and His mission.
Mission -  Because we believe the Gospel, lived out in relationships, empowered through the Holy Spirit, spoken in the Bible, experienced in the local church, we understand that we exist not to fulfill or serve ourselves, but to serve God and His purposes for this world.
God's mission at the University of Iowa Campus is that students would know Him, love Him, worship Him, and partake in His glory. That we would see the fullness of God and His desire to rescue and redeem all people to Himself. This means that 24:7 gladly welcomes into its community those who believe, act, speak, and look differently from us.