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Get to know staff: Will Fuelberth

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

If you could star in any movie, which would you choose?

High School Musical

What would the title of your biography be?

Will Fuelberth: The Only Rubik's Cube He Couldn't Solve Was Life

Favorite unpopular snack?

Home-made sourdough toast with butter

How did you come to work at 24:7?

I was a student in 24:7 for 4 years and my senior year I began working part-time with 24:7 as half of the worship leader. I studied physics in undergrad, and was planning on doing graduate school for physics, but I had seen the impact of college ministry in my life and the lives of my friends, and I felt that I had certain gifts and callings that told me I should do vocational ministry for a couple of years. It also helped that I needed to stay in Iowa City to be with my wife while she finished undergrad at Iowa.

What can instantly make your day better?

Fresh cinnamon rolls, discovering something wonderful about Jesus in the Bible, and reading a good fiction book.

Who's one person (dead or alive) you'd want to spend an uninterrupted hour of time with and what would you do?

C.S. Lewis. I would ask questions about his faith and his inspiration for books. I would also ask about the process of writing Screwtape Letters (incredible book, by the way), which I think would be just so difficult to get into that mindset. Finally, I would love to hear more about his biggest influencers and his time with "The Inklings."

How is Jesus growing you in faith right now?

I am continuing to learn what it looks like to sit in silence and rest well. I have a hard time unplugging from media, whether that's podcasts or books or TV, and I am continuing to practice that through sabbath and prayer.

What's your favorite part of working with college students?

College is such a formative time as people are leaving their parents' oversight and setting habits that will continue for the rest of their life. By reaching college students, we can continue to multiply disciples in ways that are much more difficult in communities after college. So I love being able to sit down with students, especially freshmen, and just hear about their background. I get to hear about what their church was like (if they've ever been to church) and what they were involved with, and then share the gospel with them and talk about how it has transformed my life.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

My wife, Savannah, is the best.

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