FOCUS is a structured way to focus on growing as a follower of Jesus, in community, and how to understand + share the gospel with unbelieving friends in light of the major questions/stories of our contemporary culture. 

Staff wants to help you establish rhythms of discipleship + mentoring throughout your summer so that you can grow in love for Jesus and his mission. 


Commitment: 6-7 Hrs/week

Cost: $23 (book/Curriculum)

         book TBA

What are we doing?

- Weekly reading on the intersection of Biblical theology, culture, and evangelism with discussion-application in Cohort/small group

- 1x a week mentoring from 24:7 staff or Parkview member

- 1x a week cohort gatherings for discussion + application 

- Daily structure + accountability for growing in Bible meditation and a life of prayer

- Accountability and mentoring on how to develop friendships and share the gospel with unbelievers.

15 Foster Road
Iowa City, IA 52245


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