Hey 24:7!

Start looking forward to summer because it's almost here!! We'll be doing FOCUS again this summer. You can find all of the important information below.

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Sign up by May 14th at 11:59PM

June 2nd-July 28th

FOCUS is a structured way to focus on growing as a follower of Jesus, in community, and how to understand + share the gospel with unbelieving friends in light of the major questions/stories of our contemporary culture.

Staff wants to help you establish rhythms of discipleship + mentoring throughout your summer so that you can grow in love for Jesus and his mission.

Time commitment: 7-9 Hrs/week

Cost: ~$15 (books)

       Stay Salt Rebecca Pippert

FOCUS Commitments:

  1. Faithfully participate in worship at your local church

  2. Faithfully participate in a weekly Bible reading plan

  3. Faithfully read weekly readings

  4. Faithfully participate in Wednesday night FOCUS Groups (meeting weekly online/in person)

  5. Faithfully attend a Parkview community group (if in Iowa City)

  6. Faithfully pursuing a Harvest Initiative friendship

  7. Participate in a personal discipleship relationship with a staff/Parkview member