Who We Are

Wade 2019.jpg
Wade Urig

College Pastor

Wade is most thankful for Jesus, Claire, Haddon, books, Oxford (England) and Bubble Tea. In that order. Wade grew up in Phoenix, AZ in a wonderful family, moved to Chicago for college, met and married his beautiful, wonderful, and hilarious wife (Claire), and trained for life as a pastor in St. Louis at Covenant Theological Seminary. He also enjoys pickleball, drinking tea (with boba), and reading lots and lots of books. One of his favorite moments in life was reading "Leaf by Niggle" with Claire in the Old Parsonage library in Oxford, England. Wade's greatest hope in life and death is that he belongs to Jesus who is making "everything sad come untrue" (Tolkien).  He is grateful that Jesus' heart is gentle and lowly toward sinful, broken people like him. Wade and Claire dearly love the students of 24:7 and long to help students see how wonderful, truthful, and beautiful Jesus really is.

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Gabi Houk

Women's Coordinator/Admin

Gabi just graduated from the University of Iowa, which is great because that means she has more free time to bake! Don't be surprised if she shows up to an event with some cookies or a pie in hand. When she isn't baking, Gabi is playing Animal Crossing or reading. One of her greatest joys is learning how to love Jesus more each and every day. Recently, she's been studying the Old Testament to better understand how God's love and holiness never change. One of her main goals in life is to build relationships with others to bring them closer to Jesus.